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It all began in March 2022, that is when we had our “Eureka” moment and realized that there is an opportunity for us to share our know-how in other ways that will allow our clients to learn together with us.

We ran a 3-month test period from March to June 2022, where 9 Golden Nuggets were filmed and edited, 12 PDF Templates and Guides were designed, 3 Webinars were recorded, and a lot of lessons were learned!

But… What is The Tribe?

It is an Online Community with the goal of sharing our “know-how” in friendly formats, such as Golden Nuggets (short and condensed videos), PDF Templates and Guides, tutorials and webinars.


We solve the lack of knowledge when starting a new online business by providing tools and knowledge that, in the short term, generate positive results for that online presence.


What sets us apart from our competitors is the perk of having a direct chat with the content creators (yeah, with us!) to ask questions regarding the templates and videos, and the chance to have a 1on1 meeting with them to talk about your project. You no longer have to put a comment and wait until it is answered and gets buried among other comments!

And what’s next?

Well, we’re working on raising the funds and shaping up the process. This means that we’re finishing the puzzle so we can have the bigger picture ready and do an official release! Meanwhile, here is all the content we created during the test period, so you can enjoy our know-how put to action:


Defining My Ideal Client

Generating Leads in the Digital Era

Golden Nuggets

Target Market vs Target Audience

Creating a Target Audience

Creating a Target Audience + Pain Points + Market vs Audience

Get to know your customers’ pain-points

Build your brand from scratch

“All roads lead to Rome” and Rome is your website

6 things we wish we knew when starting our online business

Sales, marketing and branding: where to start?


Target Market vs Target Audience PDF Guide

Creating your Target Audience from 0 PDF Guide

Process of Defining your Target Audience PDF Checklist

Identify your Target Audience PDF Guide

Recognizing your Customers Pain Points PDF Guide

Tips on How to Identify your Customers Pain Points PDF Guide

How to Build a Brand PDF Checklist

Checklist to create your first website

Tips to have an attractive website

Balancing your business’s activities PDF Guide

Building your online credibility PDF Guide

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